Nearly 13,000 unemployed will begin work on the National Employment Action Plan in 2020.

The Government has adopted the National Employment Action Plan for 2020. It envisages 12,918 unemployed people starting work on programs and measures, and more than 11,824 people enrolled in training to become more competitive in the labor market. Training is provided for key competences of 1,200 employees in medium, small and micro enterprises. The financing of the planned activities will be within the limits of the approved funds from the state budget for active labor market policy - BGN 73 million.

As a result of the implementation of the actions, programs, projects and measures set out in the plan in 2020, the unemployment rate is expected to drop to 4.1% and employment in the 20-64 age group to reach 75%.

The remuneration of those included in subsidized employment will be in line with the minimum wage, which since the beginning of 2020 is BGN 610 full-time. This year there is an increase in the subsidy for the remuneration - from BGN 450 to BGN 500 per month for the employment of one person under the measures of the Employment Promotion Act. In providing employment for unemployed people with higher education will be subsidized 550 BGN, as well as the due insurance. The rest of the remuneration will be provided by the employer.

The funds for starting an independent economic activity by unemployed persons who have registered a micro-enterprise are also increasing. They will be able to receive up to BGN 4,000 according to the approved business project, which is BGN 1,500 more than the previous year.

From 2020 it is envisaged to increase the remuneration of the young people enrolled in the Career Start program (from BGN 650 to BGN 700); the youth mediators to the municipalities (from BGN 680 to BGN 730); psychologists and case managers (from $ 700 to $ 750); Roma mediators with secondary education (from BGN 600 to BGN 650); of Roma mediators with an education (from BGN 650 to BGN 700) under the program "Activation of inactive persons".

In 2020, the implementation of the National Program "Home Care Provision" started. The program will provide employment for 2,400 jobless homemakers to provide personal care at home. The funding is in excess of BGN 16.5 million provided by the state budget.


Under the regional employment programs of the 28 districts, 1000 unemployed are expected to start work in 2020, and 230 people will be employed under the Beautiful Bulgaria project.