You can call the Hotline – free phone number for citizens and legal entities - 0 800 88 001, operated by the employees at the Call Center with MLSP, in order to receive advice on issues of interest, to submit your suggestions and signals within the meaning of the Administrative Procedure Code, the consideration of which falls within the competence of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, as well as to receive general information about the work of the Ministry, the agencies and funds – secondary spending units with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy.


Signals about labour law violations by employees across the country shall be received at this phone number. The received signals are then submitted for inspection by the General Labour Inspectorate, which exercises overall control for the implementation of labour legislation pursuant to the Labour Code, as well as specialized control for compliance with the Healthy and Safe Working Conditions Act and the Promotion of Employment Act, as well as other legal acts.


All calls are automatically recorded and archived.