Minister Shalapatova: Improving the quality of life of children, youth and adults will be my main goal



“My main goal in my work will be to improve the quality of life of children, youth and adults and to achieve satisfaction with the social system. I will do everything possible to ensure continuity in the work of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, but at the same time I come with new ideas for renewing some of the policies in order to modernize and make social policy, social support even more effective for all age groups.” This was said by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Ivanka Shalapatova when she took this position from Lazar Lazarov.

She stressed that the main leading principles in her work will be professionalism, effectiveness and visible results, continuity, and transparency. Minister Shalapatova pointed out that she has great confidence in the employees of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP). She undertakes, within two weeks, to present her team, priorities, and the most pressing issues, with which she will engage, after getting acquainted with the ministry's activities and analyzing the successes achieved and the tasks on which the work to be done needs to be sped up.

“I am grateful for the efforts of all colleagues in the social system. I highly appreciate your work and respect every attempt to help a child in need, a young person who has lost direction in life, a family who cannot cope with their parental responsibilities, or an adult who needs support,” said Ivanka Shalapatova.

She added that she knows the work of MLSP both as a long-term partner on the part of the civil sector and the research community, and from the inside as a deputy minister in the caretaker cabinet in 2013.

“I leave the system of MLSP in very good condition,” Lazar Lazarov said upon handing over the post. He noted that the Ministry was the first to start working with European funds from the new programming period 2021-2027. With the launch of procedures under the Human Resources Development Programme and under the Food and Basic Material Support Programme 2021-2027. We also started the commitments under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan” added Lazar Lazarov. He expressed confidence that the achievements of his team will be upgraded and wished success in the work of Minister Shalapatova.