Employers' proposals to create, adapt and equip workplaces for permanently disabled people of working age will be funded with almost BGN 4.2 million. The funds are provided under the Bulgarian National Programme for the Employment of Disabled People, approved by Labour and Social Policy Minister Denitsa Sacheva.  

In 2020 APD (the Agency for People with Disabilities) will also fund projects of specialised enterprises and cooperatives of disabled people aimed at increasing employment of this target group. They will be eligible to receive up to BGN 80,000 and proposal submission opens on 1 June. The funds can be implemented for technologically upgrading certain business operations, creating new workplaces or adapting existing ones, as well as building an on-line platform to promote the services offered and goods produced.

Up to BGN 10,000 shall be granted for providing access to existing workplaces or creating new jobs, adapting existing workplaces and supplying equipment for new workplaces. Projects for professional training and retraining will be funded with up to BGN 1,000 per person with permanent disabilities. The Bulgarian Agency for People with Disabilities (APD) will be receiving project proposals for these programme components starting 15 July.

On 15 June, APD will launch a second Call for Proposals for funding under the Programme for Independent Business Start-up and Development for Disabled People. Applicants must be documented with 50 and over 50% disability to work and must not be involved as owners or partners in another company. They are eligible to receive up to BGN 20,000. The funds can cover investment costs, carry out construction and repair works, purchase equipment for the jobs created, etc.

All necessary application documents can be found on APD's website.