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The government approved an agreement for implementation of the Social Security Treaty with Morocco

The government approved a draft for Administrative agreement about the rules for application of the Social Security Agreement between Republic of Bulgaria and Kingdom of Morocco. The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mr. Biser Petkov, is authorized to lead the negotiations and to sign the document.


The Agreement regulates the social security during employment in Bulgaria and Morocco as well as the terms and conditions for granting and payment of pensions and other types of compensations for individuals, who have paid social security contributions in both countries. The administrative agreement will regulate the procedures for its implementation.


The implementation of the document will provide the Bulgarian individuals, who have worked or are working at Morocco, with the following social security rights: monetary compensations for temporary incapacity to work and maternity, pensions, based on social security insurance period and age, and pensions for disability, due to general illness, hereditary pensions, monetary compensations for unemployment etc.

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