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The work restrictions for Bulgarians in Switzerland are lifted as of 1 June

As per 1 June 2019, the restrictions on the work for Bulgarian nationals in Switzerland are eliminated. Our compatriots will be able to reside freely in the country provided they have a job. This became possible after the Government of Switzerland adopted on 15 May a decision to eliminate quotas for residence permits for citizens from Bulgaria and Romania. It amends the regulation on the implementation of the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland and the EU. The Protocol to the document provided for a transitional period of maximum 10 years for citizens from Bulgaria and Romania, which expires on 31 May 2019. According to the latest data of the migration servicesby the end of March this year, around 11,400 Bulgarian citizens live in Switzerland.


From 1 June, Bulgarian citizens will not need work permit to start working in Switzerland (Arbeitsbewilligung). For employment up to 3 months, our compatriots should not apply for a residence permit. However, they need to be registered by their employer electronically.


Upon starting work for more than 3 months in a calendar year, the worker/employee should be granted a residence permit on presentation of the employment contract. The permit is valid for the whole territory of Switzerland and gives the right to change the profession or workplace. In order to obtain it, the Bulgarian citizens should make a registration at an address in the municipality of residence and apply for a residence permit. For this purpose, they must present personal documents (ID card or passport) and a written employment contract with an employer. This shall happen within 14 days of arriving in Switzerland and before taking up the job.


There are two types of permits: short-term residence (category L– in case of work contracts between 3 months and one year (364 days) and long-term residence (category B – when presenting a contract for a period longer than a year or an open-ended contract), which is valid for up to 5 years.


Posted workers may stay in Switzerland for up to 90 days in a calendar year without a residence permit. However, they have the obligation to register. Upon posting of workers for more than 90 days, other rules shall apply that are outside the scope of the Agreement with EU for the free movement of persons.


Bulgarian citizens who want to work in Switzerland as self-employed are required, up to 14 days of their arrival in the country, to register at an address in the municipality of residence and to submit an application for a residence permit for self-employment to the competent authorities on employment and labour migration in the respective canton. For this purpose, they should carry personal documents (ID card or passport) and can demonstrate to these authorities that they will effectively engage in self-employment in Switzerland (e.g. evidence of initial capital, registration in the Commercial Register, etc.). Bulgarian citizens can start working as a self-employed only after obtaining a permit valid for 5 years.

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