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    Call for projects for financing under Beautiful Bulgaria for 2018 launched

    A call has been launched for projects, which will be financed in 2018 under the Beautiful Bulgaria Programme of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. In the course of the next year project proposals for improving public environment in populated areas, social infrastructure and social services of residential type will be financed under the initiative.   Eligible candidates include municipalities, regional governors, state institutions, control bodies. Documents can be submitted from 2 October to 15 January 2018. Candidates will be able to apply under three measures.   Measure M01 ‘Improving public environment in populated areas’ is directed towards supporting the development more
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    2018-07-26-The National Employment Action Plan Will Provide Work to 862 Unemployed People More
    2018-06-27-High-Level Tripartite Conference in Sofia Discusses Building a More Social Europe in the context of the European Pillar of Social Rights
    2018-06-25-Minister Petkov Extends Brewery Sector Collective Agreement among All Enterprises in the Industry
    2018-06-25-Target Benefits for Heating for the Upcoming Season Increase to 374,15 BGN
    2018-04-11-Posting of workers: Council Confirms the Compromise Text Agreed with the European Parliament

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