11 institutions and 8 non-governmental organizations started work on the preparation of a Strategy for the child


The identification of the most serious risks to children's well-being and the identification of measures to overcome them, with an emphasis on providing support for their families, should be the basis of the National Strategy for the child and the family. This approach to the preparation of the strategic document - part of the government's program for managing Bulgaria in the period 2023-2024, was discussed at the first meeting of the expert working group of the National Council for Child Protection, which started its work on the preparation of the project. The working group includes experts from 11 institutions and 8 organizations from the non-governmental sector, which are members of the Council. Representatives of other institutions with commitment to the welfare of children are also invited. If necessary, external experts will be invited to the working group.

"During the development of the strategic document, the risks to children arising from the various forms of violence and the intolerant attitude towards differences in society must be addressed. We need to consider whether we will put in place cyber security measures as children spend a large part of their time in virtual reality? Will we consider what kind of labor market we want so that their parents have a good work-life balance? How will we deal with the various forms of addictions, mental health problems, poverty and social isolation?" explained the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ivanka Shalapatova.

She emphasized that defining the risks to children's well-being and the approaches to dealing with them requires public consensus. "Children are individuals for whom we are not only obliged to provide a quality life, but also to guarantee their rights. We have to ask ourselves what the world would be like for the children of Bulgaria, which we want to start building. Our vision is that the Strategy should be aimed at guaranteeing the rights of children, but in the context of strong support for their families", added Minister Shalapatova.