Administrative service


D E A R   C I T I Z E N S,



 We, the Administration staff at MLSP, have committed to work for our clients. This is why we have been pursuing a continuing dialogue and provide updated and precise information, based on your choice, in a comprehensible manner in the course of communicationIn compliance with the policy and quality objectives pertaining to the administrative service at the Ministry and the commitments made under the Client Service Charter, you can expect:

to receive an answer from us to your questions related to the work of the Ministry;

to receive consultations from us for the application of the legal acts and the amendments thereto, which fall within the competence of the administration of MLSP;

to receive information about various projects and programmes implemented by the MLSP;

to receive the requested service which falls within the competence of the administration of the Ministry in a manner and by procedure compliant with the applicable Quality Management System;   

to be introduced to the channels for access to the administrative services provided by us;

to receive help from us in filing your inquiries, propositions and signals, the resolution of which falls within our competence, while we provide you with information as to how you can do that and which is the administration that is competent to resolve the issue;    

to direct you to the closest territorial unit of the agencies and funds with the Minister that implement the policies of labour and social policy so that they should consider your issue or inquiry.

  Further to the procedure regulated in the Access to Public Information Act and our internal regulations, we may notify you of the ways to file an application., we have been supporting and developing the Quality Management System within the scope of “Administrative Service for Individuals and Legal Entities”, including “Internal Administrative Services” in compliance with the requirements of  BDSEN ISO 9001:2008. Our external accredited partner organization is Interek VA EOOD.

  Our administration has been taking active part in activities studying good practices, including for the introduction of complex administrative service.