Strategic objective of the Industrial Relations Policy:


Improving the quality and safety at work by protecting the employment, welfare and social rights of workers and improving the working conditions in businesses.




Policy emphasis:


Refining labour laws and legislation on health and safety at work and improving the working conditions of jobs will respond to the challenges that our country faces: new employment trends, including home working, teleworking and distance and working through temporary work enterprises; rising employment in micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs); changes in the workplace and the emergence of new occupational hazards; the increase in working hours and the intensity of labour; problems related to to protecting health in the workplace, and others.


Another majorfocus in the field of industrial relations is the uniform application of regulations. The overall control over the observance of labour legislation is implemented by the Executive Agency "General Labour Inspectorate". The aim of the measures for control and prevention is not only to protect the rights of employees, but also to ensure free and fair competition between employers.


Cognizance and proper applicationof labour laws and the legislation on health and safety at work greatly contributes to the protection of workers' rights and to improving the working conditions in businesses.


The information thatis available through this section aims to help employees and employers to correctly apply the provisions of labour laws and the regulations for safe and healthy working conditions. In this regard it is important that employees and employers are aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities.