One of the mainobjectives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is to improve the quality and security of labour through protection of the social rights of persons.


Bulgarian social security legislation continues to improve in order to meet the challenges that our country faces, with efforts being focused on finding balanced and sustainable solutions for a wide range of issues in order to increase revenues in the social security system (which will ensure that the system is adequate and sustainable) and restricting costs in the system. Another important task is to align the pension system with the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the country, as well as to achieve sustainable growth in income from pensions, consistent with the pace of economic growth.


It is no doubt that cognizance ofsocial insurance legislation helps individuals to be more efficient in protecting their rights. In that light, this section aims to inform citizens about the basic legal principles and the recent changes in our legislation in order to make them better equipped to protect their social security rights.