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In theQUESTIONS AND ANSWERSsection you can ask a question – only in the Cyrillic alphabet – or to receive information about already asked questions about the application of legal acts which fall within the competence of the administration of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.  

You can receive information about the answer to an already asked question (once again оn-line) based on a keyword or phrase.  You can also locate the answer based on the name of the person who has asked the question.  

The term for publishing an answer shall be up to 14 days after submitting the question, or in the cases when it is necessary to draw out a  specialized opinion – the term shall be up to 30 days.

IMPORTANT NOTECitizens who have asked questions that are not consistent with the subject and competence of the respective section shall be sent a reply directing them to the respective section or institution, which they need to address.  

The experts shall not reply to texts,  containing:

* statements, opinions and suggestions;

* comments that do not contain an specific question;

* insulting or uncensored phrases, qualifications, racist insults or threats, etc.  

Dear citizens, prior to asking a question, take a look at the allocation of subjects in the sections, based on which the experts at MLSP can reply, then press  H E R E:



Social services

1. Provision of social services at the specialized institutions and the community; standard for social services;  

2. Provision of “personal assistant” and “social assistant” services   

Child and family support

1. Measures for protection of children at risk

2. Provision of financial support to children pursuant to the Child Protection Act Implementing Regulations  

3. One-off assistance for pregnancy, birth, raising of twins by the age of 1; raising a child by the age of 1 by a student mother at regular studies curriculum;  

4.Monthly assistance for a child until graduation from secondary education, but no later than 20 years of age; for raising a child until the age of 1;  

5.Targeted assistance for students  

6. Monthly allowance for children with permanent disabilities

7. Targeted assistance for free of charge transport for mothers of many children

Social assistance

1. Granting monthly, targeted and one-off allowances under the Social Assistance Act

2. Granting of targeted assistance for the heating season

Integration of people with disabilities

1. Granting monthly allowances for social integration, as well as targeted assistance for people with disabilities under the Integration of People with Disabilities Act

2. Term and conditions for exempting the people with disabilities from the payment of vignette fees

Employment and unemployment

1. Actual projects, programmes and measures implemented at the labour market, the main activities, target groups and subsidies for employers for their implementation  

2. Types of incentives for the unemployed and the employers and their amount

3. Training and education for adults

Labour law

1.Conclusion, amendment and termination of an employment contract

2.Working hours, days off and leaves

3. Indemnities for the termination of employment contracts

Social insurance

1.Terms for the acquisition of retirement rights

2.Reasons for social insurance  of persons

3.Rights that may be exercised  based on public social insurance funds /”Sickness and Maternity” Fund, “Retirement” Fund, “Work Accident and Occupational Disease” Fund and “Employment” Fund 

European and international social law

1.Bilateral social security agreements  

2. Coordination of the systems for social security  

3. Recognition of years of service and pensionable years from working abroad

4. Social systems and rights at other Member States  

5. Social rights under acts by ILO and the Council of Europe

Safe and healthy working conditions

1. Meeting the main requirements of the Safe and Healthy Working conditions Act and the regulations on the minimal requirements for safe and health working conditions in compliance with the specifics of the workplace and the risks for the health and safety of the workers and employees  

2. Categorization of the labour of retirees

3. Identification of the types of workwith reduced working hours by virtue of Art. 137 of the Labour Code

4. Identification of the types of work eligible for additional paid leave by virtue of Art. 156 of the Labour Code  

5. Terms and conditions for the provision of free food and/or allowances thereto by virtue of Art. 285 of the Labour Code

6. Mandatory insurance of workers and employees for “Accidents at work” risks

7. Terms and conditions to ensure the operation of “Occupational health” Services

Free movement of workers, migration and integration

1. Work in Bulgaria of citizens of third countries (which are not EU Member States, Members of EEA and the Confederation of Switzerland)  

2. Free movement of Bulgarian workers within the frames of EU and a regime for access to the labour market of the EU Member States   

3. Migration, integration and free movement of workers related to the membership of Republic of Bulgaria into the European Union

Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”

Replies to questions related to the implementation of projects under Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”